Sunday, November 30, 2014

And Still More Pictures of Lost Footage From "Saga of a Star World"

Baltar surveys the ruins of someone's home on "Caprica" after the Cylon attack. Was this before or after the Cylon troops inform him that human prisoners...."Were taken near the Spacedrome?"

Was there still more footage of the destruction of the...."Battlestar Atlantia?".......

Was there still more footage of Starbuck's card game with the Gemonese?

Bridge personnel are busy doing what exactly at some point during..."Saga of a Star World?"....

Still more to Starbuck and Athena in the landing bay immediately after Starbuck's crash landing.

More footage of Starbuck and Apollo in the Gemini Freighter with the human survivors. We have behind the scenes personnel to the left.


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