Monday, November 24, 2014

Definitely a Step In The Right Direction, I Will Give Universal Studios That (I Say With Cautious Optimism)


If you're going to go to all of this trouble to remaster...."Battlestar Galactica 1978"....Why not make a little side trip to a local.... "CGI Effects House"....or better yet....rehire John Dykstra (and give him all of the time in the world he needs) to upgrade all of the visual effects for this series (all 24 episodes) with special attention of course paid to the pilot episode....getting rid of all of the God awful stock footage effects shots in this series. And the stock footage got especially bad in the final episode..."Hand of God"....where you had 100th generation copies of the stock footage dogfight scenes. (Low Resolution in these dogfight scenes)

The key to this project would be John Dykstra. Nobody could do it better than him because he had such a flair for this project in the first place!!

I would especially love to see John Dykstra's upgrades for....

1. Saga of a Star World - The Pilot episode
2. Gun On Ice Planet Zero
3. Hand of God
4. Living Legend
5. Fire in Space (And change the title to, "Fire In The Hull" or something else)


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