Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What Exactly Is The SyFy Channel's "Brand?"


The SyFy Channel has no..."Brand"....as a cable network. It is instead, an ambiguous ill-defined eternally shape shifting cable network (in terms of on-air identity) bouncing around back and forth from being a "Wrestling Network" primarily.....to being a garbage dump for all of the crap...."Asylum Films" has produced past and present....to being a...."Cult Depot"....for the 7 or 8 viewers the "Sharknado" movies managed to attract....to being a...."Rubber Stamping Renewal Machine" for first season television series that never got decent ratings in the first place ("Helix", "Z Nation.")

In the midst of all of this...."Bad Management Mayhem"....at the SyFy Channel...where is and what is this..."Brand"....the SyFy Channel keeps babbling about and claiming that it is in terms of on-air identity? And how exactly does the crappy television series...."Almighty Johnsons"....fit into this..."Brand"....the SyFy Channel keeps babbling about?


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