Tuesday, November 25, 2014

For Starters, The Packaging For These Two Items Is Underwhelming To Say The Least



Would any consumer purchase a Blu-Ray collection of any television series with unattractive packaging like that?

Another thing. What are consumers really getting with these two Blu-Ray releases?

1. The previous DVD release from October 2003 with all of the archaic extras from that 2003 DVD release. Nothing new.

2. Doesn't it stand to reason that the visual effects from 1978 for these two Blu-Ray releases wouldn't hold up to such a high def Blu-Ray release?

3. Wouldn't it make more sense to rehire John Dykstra or hire CBS Digital to upgrade all of the visual effects for...."Battlestar Galactica 1978".....making them suitable for a Blu-Ray release? The endless stock footage special effects shots in this series didn't even hold up at all to the VHS cassette releases in the 1980s. Yet, this series is going to high-def  Blu-Ray regardless... without state of the art upgrades to the visual effects??

4. The original series was shot in full frame, yet the series is being released  "Wide Screen" in one of these sets?? Is this going to be another "Fake Widescreen" release that plagued the 125 minute pilot episode of...."Battlestar Galactica 1978." (i.e. - Those infamous black bars eliminating 28% of the picture at the top and bottom due to those black bars trying to make a "Fake Widescreen?") If the original series was also filmed with...."Widescreen Cameras"....concurrently with the...."Full Frame Cameras" used to film a series...Universal Studios sure as kept this a secret for the past 36 years....until now.

5. A good 30 minutes of the pilot episode...."Saga of a Star World"....is still missing and unaccounted for by Universal Studios. And these 30 minutes of missing footage never showed up in the 2003 DVD release either....

a. Adama announcing...."General Quarters"....during Starbuck's card game.

b. More scenes between Adama and a grief stricken Athena on the bridge.

c. Starbuck (immediately after crash landing) approaching Colonel Tigh on the bridge and demanding to know why the Galactica pulled out of battle.

d. After Boxey is captured by the Ovions...Apollo, Serina, and Jolly are given a tour of the Ovion mines (on foot) by one of the Ovion workers before being reunited with Boxey. Including a walk across that bridge everyone used to run away from the Cylons during the climactic battle.

e. More to the scene of Anton trying to convince Adama not to resign from the Council and leader of the fleet...which merges into Anton accusing Sire Uri of hoarding food...which merges into Apollo discussing the "Nova of Madagon" as an alternative escape route.

f. The original voice of the Imperious Leader (Ted Cassidy)
g. The original on set recorded voices of the Caprica survivors approaching Apollo.
h. Baltar surveying the abandoned ruins of someone's home on Caprica.
I. Rigel announcing time distances never heard before..."85 Microns"...."60 Microns"....
J. Control console buttons being pressed on the bridge before the Vipers launch.

A corporation the size of NBC-Universal just can't locate and round up all of the missing footage for one of its "television series pilot episodes" regardless of how long ago it was shot ??

I can just hear one of those...."Universal Studios Executives"....now....

Universal Studios Exec: "But....But...But...But....It was 36 years ago!! How can you possibly expect us to keep track of every inch of film shot for a pilot episode from that long ago??"

It's called proper storage..... and proper bookkeeping....and proper accountability....and responsible management at the highest levels keeping tabs on this never used and never seen footage....and impartial evaluations of what you own....and the wisdom involved in properly archiving our television heritage for future generations to see and to know.

I'm sure this footage was tossed in the trash heap by Universal Studios decades ago, precluding any future releases of it on Blu-Ray and DVD.

The preservation of this lost footage would have made the two future Blu-Ray releases mentioned above really worthwhile instead of these two releases merely being a high tech rehash of what came before.


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