Sunday, November 30, 2014

More Proof (As if Anymore Proof is Needed) That Evidence of The Lost Footage From "Saga of a Star World" Continues to Show Up In The Darndest of Places

In vintage packs of..."Topps Bubblegum Cards" from 1978....No Less!!

After being abducted by the Ovions....Apollo, Jolly, and Serina disembark from the tram in their search for Boxey, beginning their journey on foot to confront the Ovion Queen - Queen Lotay.

Apollo, Jolly, and Serina are led by the Ovion worker to the Ovion Queen's chambers (Queen Lotay) across the bridge they will soon be running for their lives across during the finale....chased by Cylons.

Still making their way to Queen Lotay's chambers.

More of the alternate cut of the "Caprica" attack with Jim Peck instead of Jane Seymour reporting on the attack, engulfed in it himself.

Unidentified lost scene from..."Saga of a Star World"....Starbuck looking up at something.

"Picking Up The Last Stranded Colonists?"....Was Starbuck on Caprica overseeing the civilian population load themselves onto the Rag-Tag Fleet ships? Observing from his Viper in case he would need to use his Viper lasers on Cylons if they tried to interfere with the evacuation?

"Adama's Dream?"...of what exactly? If this and every other lost scene were located and released to the public, we would all find out...wouldn't we?


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