Friday, November 21, 2014

This Blu-Ray Release Has The Infamous "Canine Territorial Spraying" of Universal Studios All Over It

1. A "Region Free" Blu-Ray release sold only in England. "Region Free" means this release won't be coming to the United States. If you want it, order it from...

2. There is no listing of "Extras" for this Blu-Ray release. That can only mean (1) You get screwed due to no extras, or (2) you get screwed because the extras suck.

3. No reviews of this Blu-Ray release anywhere on the Internet, mere days before its release.

4. This release is safely tucked away and hidden from...."Mass Market View".....across the pond in England due to zero promotion from Universal Studios. And then when only half a dozen copies sell, Universal Studios will bounce back (like they always do) and say...."You see? We told you this series has been a flop for the past 36 years!!" Deflecting any blame away from themselves that they (Universal Studios) have been 100% responsible for this series not taking off the way it could have with mass market audiences from day one (September 17th, 1978)


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