Saturday, November 22, 2014

"SyFy Story Masters" Want to Instruct Us All On How to Tell a Good Story

This should be very entertaining and ironic since the SyFy Channel has never told a good story themselves during the entire 15 year odd years Universal Studios and its various corporate parents have owned (trashed) this channel.

If anything, NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel (God love em') has taught all of us how to tell a bad story!! It's a snap!!

1. Always hire the worst producers / writers money can buy (Ronald D. Moore)

2. Purchase cheap ass wardrobes (Business suits, jeans, casual shirts) in bulk at local "Salvation Army" outlets and retail outlets and then write your crappy story around your cheap ass wardrobe. ("Gino - Galactica in Name Only")....."Everything that happened before will happen again." In "Z Nation"...."Well you see everyone is a zombie and because everyone is a zombie no one has had the time to go to the local Laundromat to do a few loads or buy new clothes in order to "spiff" themselves up a little bit."

3. Hire a low budget ass production company ("The Asylum") that has your flare for terrible storytelling and inadequate budgeting in all areas of film and television production across the board....and team up with them!!

4. Keep the on-air identity of your cable channel always ambiguous (SyFy) so you can keep leapfrogging all over kingdom's creation making crappy movies and television shows never nailed down with discernible formats.

5. Cling stubbornly to ludicrous and stupid sounding story ideas ("Sharknado") with the intent of building a franchise of some sort that never comes to fruition.


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