Monday, November 3, 2014

Why Would The SyFy Channel Think That Viewers Even Care Anymore About What They Do?

This press release is 7 months old and once again...nothing claimed in this press release has come to pass. Wrestling is still on the SyFy Channel, outer space excursion programming is non-existent...but the big (and real) problem remains...The same people are owning and operating the SyFy Channel as they always have been from years past. The same people that continually release these fake press releases claiming grandiose horizons for the future. Then when the fake press releases fade away from age, these same people running the SyFy Channel who all should have been fired a good decade ago (including Bonnie Hammer) lapse back into their collective..... "Status Quo Rut...." in running the channel.

These are the collective stupid decisions the SyFy Channel has made during the past decade leading to them losing the Science Fiction audience permanently.

1. Ronald D. Moore - Whoever said Ronald D. Moore was talented and a genius? The SyFy Channel did!! Science Fiction fans never regarded Ronald D. Moore as talented or a genius. Science Fiction fans always regarded Ronald D. Moore as nothing more than a..."Rick Berman Era Star Trek Staff Writer and Producer".....Run of the mill, status quo, and now over the hill, mundane old Ronald D. Moore. Nobody special. And this was long before Bonnie Hammer's horrid Sci-Fi Channel came along.

2. After convincing itself that Ronald D. Moore was talented and a genius, the Bonnie Hammer Sci-Fi Channel then unleashed him on "Battler Galactica." Then using the brand name only (Battlestar Galactica), Ronald D. Moore then proceeded to make 4 seasons of low rated garbage television, having the nerve to call his badly produced and badly written ad-libbed soap opera..."Battlestar Galactica."

3. "Asylum Films" - Of course the SyFy Channel ended up doing business with them!! Of course!! The maker of the worst horror movies of all time (Asylum Films) ended up doing business with the worst cable network of all time. (SyFy) Likes attract in this universe of ours absolutely.

4. Wrestling - Good lord!! What more needs to be said?


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