Sunday, November 2, 2014

When The SyFy Channel And "The Asylum" Exhibit Jealousy Towards Another Cable Network And Its Accomplishment, The Jealousy Will Linger Forever

The SyFy Channel and "The Asylum" just can't get..."The Walking Dead"....out of its collective consciousness. They want this show for themselves!! But since they can't have it legally, they're going to continue with its crappy knock-off...."Z Nation"....with a second season renewal despite middling ratings, and showing other crappy zombie movies produced by "The Asylum" from years past.

There has been and always shall be a tremendous error in management in both how the SyFy Channel and "The Asylum" have been run. The two of them are always endlessly looking around towards what other entities are doing and doing very well both profitably and artistically....and then proceed to crank out "knock offs" that are ten times worse (Z Nation) artistically and not profitable in any real noteworthy sense.

SyFy Channel and "The Asylum" will never have their own discernible identities within the landscape of what they do because the talent and the appropriate money is never there for them to do so.

SyFy Channel and "The Asylum" are trying to survive within the landscape of what they do by doing everything half-ass and in short hand....without the talent and appropriate money.


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