Saturday, November 1, 2014

SyFy Channel's Only Function As a Business is To "Rubber Stamp Renew" Badly Produced Television Series With Middling Ratings In Their First Seasons


Z Nation - Why watch this thing? Why make this thing? The far superior "Walking Dead" is already on the air. "Z Nation" has already proved that it can't compete with "Walking Dead" ratings wise, creativity wise, makeup wise, and even behind the scenes personnel wise. "The Asylum" production company is making this thing. Oh really?? Could any television series already have such a huge strike against it in terms of reputation with bad movie making with "The Asylum" making it? So....why renew it for a second season? It sucks.

Helix - Take John Carpenter's "Thing" movie, transplant it to television and call it "Helix." Why bother? Everyone has already seen "John Carpenter's "Thing" movie. The ratings weren't good in the first season so of course SyFy Channel...."Rubber Stamp Renewed It"....for a second season.

If the ratings are low on anything....SyFy Channel will renew it. If the ratings are high on anything SyFy Channel will cancel it because that means the public likes it.


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