Monday, February 16, 2015

Ronald D. Moore Was Never a Legitimate "Science Fiction Writer." He Was Always a "Soap Opera Writer" Trying to Unsuccessfully Write Science Fiction Instead

Which is why all of his unsuccessful attempts at trying to write Science Fiction....particularly "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only) always came across as boring, stale, highly derivative, and "Soap Opera-ish."

Reading the above sounds like the average episode of...."Outlander" identically constructed like your average episode of..."Days of Our Lives"...."General Hospital".....or even...."The Maury Povich Show"....

“When Jamie is taken and held by Jack Randall, that’s such a pivotal moment in their relationship and in the series … You can never take that away and that will always be part of [them] going forward. [Claire] feels an enormous burden of guilt. If she had not come and stayed — she wonders if any of these events would’ve transpired.”

- Imagine Maury Povich saying that as the opening or closing narration to his latest episode. With the added..."We'll now meet Jack and Claire. Let's bring them out!!"

Ronald D. Moore without stealth marketing..."tooting his horn"....with unrealistic claims about his scriptwriting or producing abilities is in actuality, an unremarkable run-of-the-mill...."Soap Opera Writer."


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