Sunday, February 22, 2015

NBC-Universal Should Have Nuked Two Of Its Most Annoying..."Overstayed Their Welcome".....Properties A Good Decade Ago.

Saturday Night Live -

1. Lorne Michaels and his talent scouts lost the ability to recruit new and compelling comedic talent decades ago.

2. Guest hosts that are never hip, funny, or the slightest bit interesting....for decades.

3. Cast members increasingly nameless, faceless, and without comedic talent...for decades.

4. The SNL writing staff ....."Sucking Donkey Balls" the talentless writing department.... for decades.

5. Never any more memorable and iconic comedic characters being dreamed up by Lorne Michaels, his writing staff, and his cast members.

6. "Weekend Update"....Bury it in a time capsule for good....under the ocean.

7. Increasingly longer moments of silence from the studio audience (during skits) where its spontaneous laughter is supposed to be.....for decades.

8. Cast members so nameless and faceless and without comedic talent, you forget all of them once the episode ends...and you don't remember them when next week's episode begins.

9. Everytime SNL goes on...."Seasonal Hiatus".....every year...You say to yourself...."There is a God!!"

10. Everytime SNL returns for a new season, you say to yourself...."Oh shit!! How badly is it going to suck this year?"

SyFy Channel -

1. A badly managed, generic cable network since 1999 showcasing wrestling and badly produced horror movies.

2. When it occasionally dips its toes in the waters of Science Fiction, it sucks at it.

3. A badly managed, generic cable network that operates primarily from granting its private little coterie of talentless hacks (Ronald D. Moore, Bryan Singer) inexplicable airtime and rubber stamped renewals of their horrid projects.

4. A cable network that changes its...."John Doe-esque Nebulous"....on-air identity from one day to the next based upon which way the wind is blowing:

a. Wrestling
b. 12 Monkeys
c. C.S.I.
d. Sharknado
e. Ghost Hunters

5. One dreaded name masterminding all of it....Bonnie Hammer.

6. The most dreaded partnership in the entire history of hack filmmaking...."SyFy Channel"....and...."Asylum Films."

7. Unsuccessful television series based upon unsuccessful movies:

a. 12 Monkeys - starring Bruce Willis
b. "Helix" - based upon...."John Carpenter's The Thing"....
c. "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)...based upon...."Blade Runner" primarily.

8. Television series that rip-off other successful television series...unsuccessfully:

a. "Z - Nation"...which rips-off...."Walking Dead"....
b. "Wil Wheaton Project"....which ripped off...."The Soup."
c. "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen"....which ripped-off every previous cooking show.
d. "GINO" - (Galactica In Name Only)....which ripped off...."Star Trek: Voyager."

9. The SyFy Channel's total destruction of the former...."Sci-Fi Channel"....pre - NBC-Universal  ownership.

10. Nowhere to go but down. The future prospects of the...."SyFy Channel"....are not encouraging and are not the slightest bit interesting for any viewer in any demographic group. And probably not as a business either.

Just pull the plug on this pointless cable channel once and for all and be done with it.


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