Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Whatever Happened to "SyFy Kids" and "SyFy Games?"

Evidently, the whole concept behind..."SyFy Kids"....was to introduce a younger generation of little tykes to the horrible management decisions....terrible programming ideas.....rotten producing....and horrific scriptwriting practices parent network...."SyFy Channel" infamous for. From what I can gather...."Little Tyke SyFy".....never went anywhere as a cable network. Which just goes to show....if your parent cable network is badly managed and nothing to write Grandmother home about, you shouldn't be trying to produce offspring from that badly managed network.

As for...."SyFy Games"....who cares? I never saw any....."SyFy Games"....on or anywhere else on the planet. Another one of the dubious concepts of the SyFy Channel that never got past the blueprint stage no doubt.

I like the trail of blood feces being left behind by the...."SyFy Kids".....mascot by the way. No doubt the marketing / research geniuses at the..."SyFy Channel"....erroneously determined that such imagery was perfectly acceptable for children.


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