Saturday, February 14, 2015

What Better Way to Let your "Significant Other" Know That You Love Them On "Valentine's Day" By Letting Them Know You're Really Creepy In Actuality, Totally Into Being Entertained By Bloody Sharks?

Not a good fit on Valentine's Day is it?

The marketing geniuses at SyFy Channel strike again. (Rolling my eyes.)

This must be the...."Undiagnosed Homicidal Trailer Park Trash".....demographic the SyFy Channel is going after this time around.

Hey!! If there's a demographic group that exists the SyFy Channel just can't tap into (all of them), the SyFy Channel will then resort to inventing its own demographic groups to go after....

"Genetic Brain Mutants"....wearing in trailer parks....hanging laundry to dry on clothes lines while their dogs with three human nipples and an eye patch watch them.


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