Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The SyFy Channel Has Redefined What a "Franchise" Is To Suit Its Own Limited Capabilities As a Revenue Generating Business

According to the SyFy Channel, two low rated horror movies about sharks constitutes a...."Franchise."

Really? In the real business world in which we all live (except the SyFy Channel), a...."Franchise"...constitues....

1. Highly successful multiple movies. And..."Highly Successful" that multiple third and fourth parties in the business world other than the SyFy Channel can agree that a...."Franchise" indeed occurring across multiple platforms in addition to the highly successful movies....

a. Theme Parks
b. Video Games
c. Books
d. Toys

This hasn't happened two years after the debut of the first...."Sharknado" because the first one never did tap into mass market success. What it did do is get a few bumps higher in ratings than the usual horror fare on the SyFy Channel which isn't saying much. And a mild frenzy on..."Twitter"...with a few hundred people.

Nothing to see here....Move on. "Sharknado" movies are in the same boat as the rest of the schlock on the SyFy Channel.


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