Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Spaceballs" Wasn't Funny The First Time Around. Of Course Hollywood Is Doing A Sequel!!

You mean...."The Triumvirate of Non-Science Fiction Talent" (NBC-Universal, Bryan Singer, Ronald D. Moore).... didn't think of this crappy idea first? The three of them either collectively or individually didn't think of this horrible idea before Mel Brooks did? This would have been a typical...."NBC-Universal-esque"....."Bryan Singer-esque".....or...."Ronald D. Moore-esque"....crappy idea.

I guess the three of them have been too busy lately SUCKING AT THEIR JOBS to have even entertained this crappy Science Fiction idea. It apparently does happen occasionally, doesn't it? Even these three can't stake a claim to every crappy Science Fiction idea in the pipeline. Even they are only human in the realm of crappy ideas, aren't they? All of the crappy Science Fiction ideas in the world can't always be coming just from them, right?

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