Sunday, February 22, 2015

Looking For Any Evidence Whatsoever Of The SyFy Channel "Brand Name" (Logo) On Any Consumer Products, Or "Franchises Of Any Sort"

The SyFy Channel would love everyone to believe that after being a wildly successful cable network for the past 15 years...such success has spun itself off into having its logo (brand name) stamped on such products games.....underwear.....produce.....sporting food.....Ipods......gardening supplies....etc. But as everyone in the real world can testify to....there are no...."SyFy Channel Products"....of any sort littering store shelves of any kind anywhere in the world. The brand name...."SyFy"....(circa 2015) remains solely affixed to the....badly managed generic cable has always been affixed to since 1999. With no branching off into consumer land as the SyFy Channel has claimed many times in the past....primarily in the video game realm.

After 15 years however, of being nothing more than a badly managed generic cable network occasionally dipping its toes in the waters of Science Fiction and sucking at it really badly....the SyFy Channel remains what it always has been just as it was when it first started 15 years ago....A below the radar blip in NBC-Universal's business portfolio that occasionally...."beeps" heartbeat mode letting everyone at NBC-Universal know that it is still alive and still there always on the brink of cardiac arrest. Occasionally tossing pocket change in the direction of NBC-Universal.

Like NBC's...."Saturday Night Live"....that should have cancelled decades ago and put out of its misery....NBC-Universal's...."SyFy Channel"....too....Needs to be put to rest and put out of its misery once and for all.

The SyFy Channel always loves to claim as well that it has a...."Franchise" or there in its storage closet. Well ,as the real business world has proven repeatedly much to the chagrin of the SyFy Channel....(The real business world we all live in except the SyFy Channel)....Two low rated...."Sharknado"....movies do not constitute a franchise....and neither does an erroneously titled...."Battlestar Galactica"....series from Ronald D. Moore more accurately and infamously known as...."GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)....A fragmented and disjointed mash-up of...."Blade Runner"....and...."Star Trek: Voyager"....instead.


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