Friday, February 6, 2015

The "SyFy" Channel Logo Has Always Meant Absolutely Nothing In Terms Of Defining This Channel. The Channel Might as Well Use A "Dog's Paw" As Its Logo And It Wouldn't Make Any Difference

Both logos mean absolutely nothing. Replace "SyFy" with the "Dog's Paw" and the channel wouldn't be any less ambiguous in its...."John Doe Non-Identity".... than it is now.

"SyFy" has always been the...."Lazy Man's Channel"....within the corporate management of NBC-Universal. This is the easiest and quickest way to run a cable channel. Don't define what your channel is, and always leave it up in the air from moment to moment what you might be showing next....

"Wrestling"...."12 Monkeys"....."Ghost Hunters"....."C.S.I."...."Sharknado".....

"SyFy" is a basic cable channel that occasionally dabbles in poor attempts at Science Fiction.

"SyFy" is also a victim of....."1 Decade Old Misguided Marketing Research Run Amok"....combined with...."Guerrilla Style Stealth Marketing"....originally intended to help it but backfired. With no imaginative television programming in between. The result? The channel is an abandoned / hollow /smoldering shell of what it once was (a great Science Fiction Channel pre-1999) due to NBC-Universal's destruction of it.

This is what is presently left of the once great...."Sci-Fi Channel pre-1999".....due to the..."Einsteins" NBC-Universal. A smoldering....ambiguous corpse serving no purpose other than just waiting to be carted away.

The following is the smoldering remains of this channel gutted by a misguided corporation during the span of 15 years:

1. 12 Monkeys
2. Ascension
3. Face Off
4. Ghost Hunters
5. Haven
6. Helix
7. WWE Smackdown
8. Z Nation

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