Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's The Sort Of Television Programming One Would Never Write Mother At Home Home About, And Brings Tears To One's Eyes Because It's So God Awful

The.... "Generic Cable Channel".... known as...."SyFy".....continues to operate in...."Cruise Control Mode of God Awfulness".....littering the airwaves with generic television programming best suited   for the...."Trailer Park / Flip-Flops / Teenaged Pregnant Daughter / Pick-Up Truck Engine In The Bathtub / The Family Dog Has An Eye Patch / Grandma Wears Combat Boots With Her Easter Dress".....demographic.

All hail the eventual unveiling of the...."Grand Poobah of The SyFy Channel"....."Maury Povich!!" The...."King Of All Trash Television!!".....


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