Friday, February 20, 2015

Why Is The SyFy Channel Always Instinctively Drawn To "Science Fiction Box Office Failures" From The Past For Programming Ideas?

12 Monkeys -

A box office flop from the late 1990s starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt. Yeah OK, it had a somewhat interesting time travel premise with superstar Bruce Willis in the lead and not yet superstar Brad Pitt. But let's look at the bottom line. IT FLOPPED AT THE BOX OFFICE. Not surprisingly, the SyFy Channel's version of...."12 Monkeys" FLOPPING in the ratings. Any neophyte with a brain in his head could have seen this disaster coming a mile away:

Unsuccessful Movie Will Always = Unsuccessful television series....especially in Science Fiction.

The..."12 Monkeys".....concept simply doesn't appeal to mass market audiences in the movies and on television.

If the SyFy Channel simply had competent business people working for them, this disaster could have been avoided by not making...."12 Monkeys".....into a television series.

Helix -

In its first season at least, heavily (and I mean heavily) inspired by....."John Carpenter's Thing Movie"....from 1982. As great as John Carpenter's movie was, let's look at the bottom line. IT FLOPPED AT THE BOX OFFICE. So....why make a slight variation of it into a television series? The inevitable result? ...."Helix" also suffering from low ratings.

GINO - (Galactica In Name Only)

Ronald D. Moore's....."Cess Pool Catastrophe".....known as.....GINO - (Galactica In Name Only)....was allegedly a reboot of...."Battlestar Galactica".... . So claimed SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore initially.

What it was instead (this info eventually came out)....was....

1. Ronald D. Moore's.....Wet Dream Version".....of how he felt....."Star Trek: Voyager".....should have been. With smut, sleaze, and supremely unappealing characters across the board.


2. A continuation of the....."Blade Runner Universe" eventually admitted to by Edward James Olmos.

Partially basing a television series on Ridley Scott's.... BOX OFFICE FLOP......"Blade Runner"....from 1982?? Why? A failed business venture in one particular format will also always fail in a different format.

Is it me...or does the SyFy Channel inadvertently and repeatedly set itself up for failure by always being instinctively drawn to failure?


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