Friday, February 27, 2015

Farewell, Mr. Spock. The Great Leonard Nimoy Has Passed Away

Leonard Nimoy leaves behind the greatest character (he created) in all of Science Fiction. Who hasn't wanted to be just like Mr. Spock? To be able to handle any crisis in life with calm, cool logic. To be able to rationalize your way through any unsettling, divisive, uncomfortable, or awkward situation. Despite his human half, the character of Mr. Spock had such a strong sense of who he was and the life he lived in...he could neutralize any chaotic situation he was confronted with, with an equally powerful and opposing force of logical thinking to harmonize every challenge.

This was the genius of Leonard Nimoy as an actor. His creation of the Mr. Spock character gave all of us Star Trek fans someone we all wished we could be and ought to be. And this is why Leonard Nimoy's Spock character has a global fan following to this day. If every person in life were just like Mr. Spock, our history and present status of existence would be a lot less bloody.

Farewell, Leonard Nimoy. Thank you for the immortal character you created.

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