Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Isn't It Interesting How The SyFy Channel Has a "How To" Show On Applying Elaborate Movie Makeup?


The very sort of...."Makeup Intense Fantasy Movies"....parent corporation NBC-Universal would and could  never afford anymore after the massive box office failure of..."R.I.P.D."

And in this era of both...."Star Wars"....and..."Star Trek"....thriving with new productions and superhero movies owned by practically everyone crawling out of the woodwork to massive Box Office success, NBC-Universal has absolutely nothing to offer in order to compete. NBC-U has also so mismanaged and mishandled...."Battlestar Galactica"....over the decades to utter oblivion to such an extent...it can't even dust it off anymore to try and compete in this thriving new theatrical market of spaceships and heroes at the Box Office.

But, we do have NBC-Universal's next...."Fake Battlestar Movie Press Release"....to look forward to roughly a year from now. Won't that be fun? Since its most recent...."Fake Battlestar Movie Press Release"....was in April 2014. Its fake press releases coming along every two years, roughly.

This is a textbook example of mismanagement finally coming home to roost and biting the corporation practicing it right in the ass. If managed properly,...."Battlestar Galactica"... (in its only true form in the 1978 series) could be a formidable adversary for..."Star Trek"...."Star Wars"...and any superhero movie that comes along. If mismanaged, it renders the ownership corporation.....inert....left out in the cold unable to participate in a thriving Box Office trend....causing the corporation to roll over in simulated death.

Sleep well, Fido. 


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