Friday, June 9, 2017

"12 Monkeys" Cancelled By The "SyFy Channel." The Plan Is to Quickly Burn Off The Remaining Episodes In "Binge Broadcasts"

12 Monkeys Syfy 

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The..."SyFy Channel"...couldn't tell well ahead of time that a television series based upon the box office flop..."12 Monkeys"...wouldn't do well in the ratings?

Aren't there supposed to be professional money crunchers and researchers working at all of the cable networks who are supposed to know well ahead of time whether or not it would be fruitful to do a television series based on a theatrical film? Especially a box office flop? As well as the financial feasibility and projected returns on any new television series?

Not at the..."SyFy Channel!!"

Because there isn't...."12 Monkeys"...crawled through every low rated season it was on the air, dodging cancellation because the...."SyFy Channel"...simply refused to drop the blade. A common and recurring business problem and theme at the..."SyFy Channel"...

Well...another one..."Bites The Dust" the..."SyFy Channel"... 

One that will never be missed by anyone. (As usual, as always)

This blog remaining firmly..."Ellipsis Friendly" the way....

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...(Evil Grin)...

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