Monday, June 19, 2017

This Blog Has Seen Enough of The Warning Signs to Know That It's "Back to The Drawing Board" of Re-Invention For The "SyFy Channel" After The Abysmal Ratings of "Blood Drive"

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The ratings for..."Blood Drive"...were good enough by the standards of the..."SyFy Channel"...which means they stunk to holy high heaven.

The..."SyFy Channel"...can't even pull off the following successfully for decent ratings...

"Shock, Smut, Sleaze, Blood, Gore, Trash, B-Movie Paranoia, Misogyny, Exploitation, Vulgarity, Tasteless Bile, Crass Obscenity, and Puke"

The..."SyFy Channel"...scraped the bottom of the barrel looking for ratings this time around and FAILED. It couldn't even successfully RIP-OFF...

1. Death Race 2000
2. Grind House
3. Quentin Taranrino
4. Robert Rodriguez

...and be successful at it.

It's back to the..."Drawing Board"...once again for the..."SyFy Channel" its ongoing futile attempts to define itself as a cable channel. What will the..."SyFy Channel"...come back as after the failure of..."Blood Drive?"....

1. The "Cooking Show Network"
2. The "Pool Sharks Network"
3. The "Card Sharks Network"
4. The "Obituary Channel" - (Autobiographical)

5. The "Misogyny Channel" - (Because we know how much the..."SyFy Channel"...loves women.)

6. The "Toilet Bowl Channel" - (Watch a toilet flushing all day long)

7. The "Soiled Diapers" Channel - (Watch soiled diapers get dumped in the trash all day long)

8. The "Shadow Hand Puppets Channel - (Self explanatory)
9. The "John Doe Cable Channel" - (Which is what it is now)

10. The "How to not make money as a cable channel" channel. "SyFy" is an expert on this subject!!


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