Wednesday, June 28, 2017

More Low Budget "B-Movie Gore & Trash" Coming to The "SyFy Channel"

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Here we see the primary recurring trend (s) with the..."SyFy Channel"....that fuels their repeated failures (low ratings) with television programming

1. Instinctively seeking out box office flops to make television series out of. If a concept failed in the theaters of course the concept will also fail on television. The.."SyFy Channel"...doesn't see it that way (common sense.)

2. Concepts that are too big and too expensive for the..."SyFy Channel" produce in the first place. Worms thundering through sand? The..."SyFy Channel"...couldn't even make spiders walking on ice look convincing. Or sharks flying through the air. Or make Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams look younger. Remember how the..."SyFy Channel"...visualized alien planets in Ronald D. Moore's..."GINO"...series? Sunny blue skies, apartment buildings, gangsters walking around. Please!!

3. The..."SyFy Channel"...also needs to hire quality people (never happen) who can produce and write good, engaging drama. And quality actors that can perform it. Instead of its ongoing habit of only being able to produce bland, B-Movie melodrama on low budgets. Such as on..."Blood Drive"...

This being the 17th anniversary of the..."SyFy Channel"...the time Universal has actually owned the channel...this channel has settled once again into its usual rut of..."B-Movie Trash"....intellectually incapable of producing anything else.


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