Friday, June 16, 2017

...And Yet In The Middle of All of This Promised Change, The "SyFy Channel" Keeps Cranking Out Garbage Like "Blood Drive" and "Sharknado"

Krypton Syfy

Which way does the..."SyFy Channel"...want it? Does it want to be a quality Science Fiction channel, OR does it want to be a continuing purveyor of..."Fast Buck Generic Crap Programming?"....

 “We took this past year to take a real hard look at ourselves,” McCumber said during an event earlier this week. “At what’s working and what’s not working. Just a few years ago the entire industry, Syfy included, really felt the need to go broader to gain market share and be successful. We believe now that the opportunity for Syfy is to do the exact opposite. It has become crystal clear to us is that owning the genre is much more than simply making great science fiction shows. It’s also about creating a universe for fans to come and celebrate the genre that they love.”

Yes, the..."SyFy Channel"...takes hard looks at itself, it takes soft looks at itself. It clutches its..."Corporate Balls"....while coughing with its head turned to the left and right. They promise and promise that things will change. But what do they always keep coming up with?

1. Blood Drive
2. Sharknado
3. Helix
4. 12 Monkeys
5.  Z Nation
6. Into The Crapper - with Wil Wheaton
7. Geeks Who Drink
8. Wrestling
9. Cheapo and schlocky horror movies
10. Ghost Hunters

Did I leave anything out of the..."Crap Stew?"....

This blog continuing to recognize the..."SyFy Channel"....and its parent corporation..."Comcast-Universal""Serial Pathological Liars" all areas of media Science Fiction and the..."1978 Battlestar Galactica"...series.


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