Thursday, June 29, 2017

In Other Words, It's Business As Usual At The "SyFy Channel"

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Yes, it's business as usual at the.."SyFy Channel"...

1. A new..."SyFy Channel"...series premieres to low ratings.

2. The ratings drop even more after that in its second week (if that's even possible.)

3. The somewhat sympathetic press notes..."the low ratings are good by...'SyFy Channel'...standards"...

4. The..."SyFy Channel"...has a..."Certifiable Flop"...on its hands.

5. Which is the reason why the..."SyFy Channel"... will probably renew it for four more seasons.

6. The television series in question is a tasteless, hunk of junk. A piece of crap. The..."SyFy Channel's"...specialty in programming.

7. The astute observation..."The wrong people are continuing to work at the 'SyFy Channel' once again reinforced. The wrong people in ownership, management, and programming."

8. The miniscule viewership that does bother to watch the..."SyFy Channel"...once again gets the short end of the stick with the..."SyFy Channel"...once again, failing to provide quality programming.

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