Thursday, June 29, 2017

How Does The "SyFy Channel" Create a "Flop Television Series" Again and Again? A Step by Step Guide

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The extremely poor manner in which the..."SyFy Channel"...has managed itself for the past 17 years has inspired this blog to coin a new term for the..."SyFy Channel's"...horrific programming....


With that said, how does the..."SyFy Channel"...consecutively repeat its knack for creating..."Flop Television Series"...over and over again? By repeating its identical, self destructive habits over and over again!!

1. Seeking out box office flops and overall genres of cinema to emulate that never were financially successful in the first place...

a. "Blood Drive" - "Grindhouse" - "Grindhouse" Cinema
b. B-Movies
c. "12 Monkeys" - "12 Monkeys" movie
d. "Helix" - "The Thing"
e.  "Z Nation" - "Night of The Living Dead"
f.  "Tremors" - "Tremors" movie

For whatever reasons, the..."SyFy Channel"...has always been instinctively drawn to things that FAIL.

2. Never having the funding to finance a television series properly, even at bare minimum standards. All..."SyFy Channel"...original productions look cheap. From the movies to the television series.

3. Because of its miniscule operating costs, the..."SyFy Channel"...never has the ability to attract quality talent to the channel. Quality producers, writers, directors, and actors. People known for inspired thinking in Science Fiction and fantasy.

4. Always (and nothing but) coming up with repulsive characters who are physically unattractive to mass market audiences. Who would want to watch them? These aren't supporting, peripheral characters mind you. These are primary characters. Keeping viewers away in record numbers right from the beginning.

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5. The..."SyFy Channel"...clearly has never had a handle on the Science Fiction genre because...

a. They have never liked the genre in actuality
b. They have never understood it
c. They have never cared

6. Take this in to consideration: When the..."SyFy Channel"...isn't broadcasting, it's an..."Info-mercial" At least it was. So it's really an..."Info-mercial" that dabbles in crude and half hearted attempts at Science Fiction.

7. The..."SyFy Channel" even broadcasts theatrical films with commercial breaks. Why watch a Science Fiction movie hacked to bits for commercial breaks on the..."SyFy Channel"...when you can just watch it in its entirety on Blu-Ray and DVD with extra scenes on top of that?

8. The color orange!!

How often have you seen the color orange saturating every originally produced movie and television series on the..."SyFy Channel?"

This blog sees it frequently. Too often!!


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