Thursday, June 15, 2017

It's a Safe Conclusion, That Any Press Release From "Comcast-Universal" ,"SyFy Channel", and/or "Bonnie Hammer" Can Be Regarded As Nothing More Than Figurative "Powder Puff Pieces" and Taken as a "Grain of Salt"

During the past 20 years, EVERYTHING announced by this corporation (Comcast / NBC / Vivendi - Universal / SyFy Channel) has...

1. Never come to pass
2. Shortchanged the viewing public
3. Failed to attract mass market audiences on a..."Steven Spielberg sized level"...

4. Wound up accentuating this corporation's overall FAULTS as a corporation in its repeated FAILURES to grasp anything remotely connected to Science Fiction.

5. Ended up with LOW RATINGS right out of the..."Starting Gate"....

6. Wound up being SHUNNED and RIDICULED by serious scholars of Science Fiction.

7. Was an ANNOYANCE to watch because it insulted everyone's intelligence level.

8. Was obviously crafted by... "Remedially Handicapped NEOPHYTES"...of not only the Science Fiction genre..but also the entire business of television programming.

9. Never achieved..."Mass Market / Multi-Platform / Conglomeration" to a successful unified whole as this corporation repeatedly claims and asserts...

..."SyFy Kids"...came and went so fast I don't think any children actually watched it...

A mascot dragging a trail of blood may have been what forbid children by their parents from watching this channel if it even ever existed.

10. On one of its best days, this fractured corporation has achieved nothing more than..."Water Cooler"....chatter from a few hundred..."Twitter"....participants.

Like every other press release claiming the strengths as a programmer the..."SyFy Channel"...never achieved, this one unsuccessfully attempts to craft an..."Alternate Reality"...that simply doesn't exist and never has existed. That the..."SyFy Channel" a successful business.

It isn't and never was.


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