Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The New "SyFy Channel" Website is The Perfect Cover for The "SyFy Channel" Itself to Go All Out On Trashy, Generic, and Non-Science Fiction Television Programming

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The new..."SyFy Channel" appears to be providing an important function: Diverting attention away from the..."SyFy Channel's"...daily and nightly schedule. Yes, you can access their schedule from a teeny-tiny link at the top of the page, but who is really going to bother en masse since no one has ever embraced the..."SyFy Channel"...en masse let alone visit its website?

What is this diversion for? To hide the fact that the..."SyFy Channel"...will continue as a generic basic cable channel with a love of all..."non-Science Fiction"...television programming as well as its inexplicable love of all things trashy, in poor taste, gory, and icky...while the website itself is putting up the front that the..."SyFy Channel" a Science Fiction channel. 

It's also easier intellectually (for Comcast Universal) to run a website that reports on scant Science Fiction news here and there (what any teenager running an amateur website could do) than it is to run a cable network as a full blown..."Science Fiction" Which is what this corporation could never pull off despite its recent claims to the contrary...and its earlier claims all of those previous times.

Is this an incorrect and unfair assessment of the situation? Ask yourself this: Why is the..."SyFy Channel"...continuing with..."non-Science Fiction"....and trashy television programming such as..."Sharknado"....and..."Blood Drive"...despite its recent claim of yet another supposed reboot in the direction of full blown..."Science Fiction"....television programming?

The..."SyFy Channel", and the..."SyFy Channel"...itself are two entirely different animals. They are not connected or related to one another in any way.

This is the big reboot (in actuality) the..."SyFy Channel"...has been bragging about recently.

As we have all seen for the past 17 years, the owners (Comcast / Vivendi / NBC-Universal) of the once great..."Sci-Fi Channel"...simply don't have the intellectual chops (intelligence) necessary to pull off the high quality and consistent management skills necessary to run a Science Fiction channel.

Even in the review of..."Blood Drive"...We see that the best that can be said about it is...."It's so bad but that's the point"...

Which is the excuse given to all of the..."SyFy Channel's"...rotten original programming.

"NBC-Universal" only capable of running the channel (intellectually) as a..."Side Show Circus / Carnival / Smut-ploitation / Shock Value Channel"...

Fitting since..."NBC-Universal" also the corporate home of...."Maury Povich"...

Why be surprised?


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