Friday, June 16, 2017

This Idiot, More Than Anything Else, Accurately Represents How "SyFy Channel Executives" Perceive and View The Entire Science Fiction Literary and Media Genre

BLOOD DRIVE -- "The Fucking Cop" Episode 101 -- Pictured: Colin Cunningham as Slink -- (Photo by: David Bloomer/Syfy) 

1. Goofy costumes
2. Psychotic makeup

3. A sort of..."Trailer Park Mentality"..of how to perceive Science Fiction.

4. The always..."Stuck in Mad Max Mode" the template for all bad attempts at Science Fiction shamefully pioneered by the..."SyFy Channel"....

5. That the..."SyFy Channel"....(in this particular case) incorrectly perceiving Science Fiction as a combination of..."Mad Max"...."Alice Cooper"...."Ozzie Osbourne"...."Buckets of Blood"....and of course (what else?)...."Naked Broads".....

6. No one has bitten the head off of a live bat yet in..."Blood Drive?" Come on!! We're already past the pilot episode!!

Just once, this blog would love to see and post the..."SAT" (Suite of Assessment)....scores of all...."SyFy Channel Executives"....just to find out how LOW THEY ARE in order to RIDICULE all of these executives for being as STUPID as they all obviously are...

 It would not be a pretty sight by any means!!


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