Thursday, June 22, 2017

This Blog Has Finally Noticed That The "Internet News Media", The Only Place On Earth Where The "SyFy Channel" Has Ever Gotten Attention, Knows Full Well What The "SyFy Channel's" Faults Are, And Covers Their "B.S." In That Frame of Thought

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The.."Internet News Media"...knows all too well that the..."SyFy Channel"....

1. has been a chronically flawed cable network that has failed at being a..."Science Fiction"

2. is run by not terribly educated cretins with questionable backgrounds in the appropriate education necessary to do their jobs.

3. will always wind up producing something that is way below minimum standards of acceptability and taste, thus always having to mention in their reviews of every original..."SyFy Channel"...production what the flaws are with every..."SyFy Channel"...original production...

a. "So bad but that's the point"...
b. "So bad for a reason"...
c. "So bad it's deliriously watchable"...
d. "It's bad"...
e. "It's worse than bad"...
f. "It's the worst thing we have ever seen"...
g. "It's ratings are SyFy Channel standards" (They stink)
h. "SyFy Channel productions usually have small cult followings" (It's ratings stink)
i. "Odd detours in to non-Science Fiction programming"

How about if these various on-line Internet news sites start delivering the final crushing blow to every original..."SyFy Channel"...production?

j. "Don't Watch It!!"

Stop beating around the bush here!!

It isn't funny that the..."SyFy Channel"...has been making bad, unwatchable programming for the past 17 years, including..."GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only)...Ronald D. Moore's low rated mess for four's an affliction that should have been addressed by..."Comcast / Vivendi / NBC-Universal"....decades ago.


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