Monday, June 19, 2017

Was It Something I Said? The "SyFy Channel" Website Has Been Replaced With "SyFy Wire" Info News

It appears my friends, that the..."SyFy Channel"...has finally..."Bit The Big One" least on-line. Since the channel did such a bang up job entertaining the Science Fiction masses during the past 18 or so years (sarcasm), the channel quite naturally now wants to explore the less than lucrative field of ..."Science Fiction News Reporting"...through an "el-cheapo" website. The sort of website any teenager could set up on his / her own.

The new..."SyFy Website"...of course will provide the perfect cover for the former (on-line)..."SyFy Channel"...

While the website is reporting on Science Fiction news, the..."SyFy Channel"..will continue broadcasting its..."Non-Science Fiction"...trashy programming such as..."Sharknado"...and..."Blood Drive"...

Gee, why didn't I think of that? (Rolling my eyes)

I'll give this website..."SyFy"...another year or less before it's taken over by..."QVC"...or..."WWE"...

The..."SyFy Channel"...will continue of course, as God knows what.


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