Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why Does The SyFy Channel Always Expect a Standing Ovation Everytime They Admit to "Dissing" Science Fiction?

Have you ever noticed this regardless of who is giving the interview on behalf of the SyFy Channel...whether it be Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, or Mark Stern? They openly boast of wanting to get rid of genuine science fiction television programming on the SyFy Channel...profile those who love such programming with the stereotypical corporate moniker of "Geek".....and then they honestly expect a standing ovation from the television viewing public for erroneously thinking in such a manner at the corporate level.

Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern have honestly expected the general public to cheer them for trashing the former (and once great) Sci-Fi Channel..and mutating it into the presently ambiguous (and embarrassing to say the least....SyFy Channel.) Hammer, Howe, and Stern have honestly expected the general public to hoist them up on their shoulders and shower them with confetti at a tribute ceremony ...because of what they have done to the former Sci-Fi Channel. Because they have been adhering to some selfish, corporate agenda....they want the general public's unconditional love because of it.

This is how an interview usually goes with one of these three clowns. The interview is obviously stealth marketed created and is obviously (in actuality) a commercial for the SyFy Channel. One of the questions eventually gets around to asking one of these three clowns....."Why have you moved away from science fiction programming on the SyFy Channel?" One of the three always answers....

"Well....we feel its important to move away from attracting "Geeks" to our channel and the only way to do that is to nuke all science fiction programming."

Their unspoken motivation for doing so always seems to be (and you can always intuitively pick up on it from reading these interviews) is that they feel they are doing mankind a tremendous public service by eliminating what they like to call "Geeks" from their viewership. And they want the general public to congratulate them for it.

Thank God the SyFy Channel doesn't apparently have such problems with the Puerto Ricans in their viewing audience, or the Blacks, or the Caucasians, or the their viewing audience. Because if they would be called....."Profiling" of some sort.

Isn't labeling someone a "Geek" (at the corporate, business level) simply because they like space based, science fiction television programming....and then doing whatever you can (at the corporate, business level) to remove these people from your viewership....Isn't this a form of racial profiling...without the "race" involved?'s a form of profiling nonetheless...isn't it?....At the corporate, business level. Why doesn't Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern just join ICE  / Immigration Customs Enforcement? They would be naturals.

If I come across a very nice person who is of foreign origin...and I unjustifiably and erroneously label him or her as a "Wetback" simply because they like to drive around in a convertible....Isn't that the same sort of profiling that the SyFy Channel has been doing with their overused moniker of...."Geek?"

And the SyFy Channel wants to be congratulated for this....for doing away with a certain type of television programming that attracts a large segment of the population? And no...these people are not "Geeks"...These are people who just happen to like space based science fiction. They're science fiction fans...nothing more, nothing less.

And no....those of foreign origin are not "Wetbacks"....they are very nice people just like everybody else.

Perhaps I should have used discrimination instead of profiling?

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