Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Example of NBC-Universal's Stealth Marketing Based Self Promotion In The Midst of Failure

Bonnie Hammer lounges in her easy the real physical world.....where stealth marketing claims of her success story are not evident.

Stealth marketing based....self promotion has been Bonnie Hammer's best friend for a good decade now, because the claims of success made via this stealth marketing have only existed in articles such as this, and not in the actual...physical business world where Bonnie Hammer (and her easy chair) exist.

It's easy to understand why the Sci-Fi Channel (presently going under the erroneous moniker "SyFy") has been so lacking in a discernable, on-air identity. Bonnie Hammer ran the channel as if she had been doing a term paper on marketing trends, demographic data, and brand names. She should be working in the marketing department of "Coca Cola" or "McDonalds", worrying about such matters as what tastes better to consumers....."Cherry Coke" or "Cherry 7-Up." She shouldn't be working at any cable television network where one of her daily tasks is putting television programming on the air. Every single television program she has ever put on the air has had that eerie feeling of demographic data from "Coca Cola" or "McDonalds" being downloaded into them. Without the television program itself reaping the benefits of say....a discernable premise....quality scripts....and genuine talent in front of and behind the camera.

Bonnie Hammer's biggest problem (aside from hating the Science Fiction genre with a passion), is that she is not a television programmer by nature. Her decade at the Sci-Fi Channel proved that. She doesn't have it in her. She's a Corporate Marketer. Corporate Marketers put crap on the air like "GINO",  "Caprica" and "Blood & Chrome", and badly produced monster movies. Corporate Marketers use non-sensical double talk and gibberish speak like "brand names" and "brand trends" stealth marketing arranged interviews such as the one in the link ablove. Corporate Marketers speak that way to cover up the fact that they really don't know what the hell they're doing in their present position, and to take advantage of naive readers.

Bonnie Hammer has the wrong educational background to have overseen the former Sci-Fi Channel and the present USA Network. Whatever her major was in college, it enabled her to not have to drift very far in order to become a Corporate Marketer for NBC-Universal. I suspect her major may have been in Economics or Retail. Lord knows how and why an educational background such as that somehow planted her rump at NBC-Universal managing cable channels, especially at the former Sci-Fi Channel where genuine imagination, a solid educational background in the arts and theater, and a genuine love of Science Fiction was (and still is) absolutely demanded.

As a consequence, she absolutely decimated the former Sci-Fi Channel with marketing based clap-trap poorly disguised as television programs.

In the stealth marketing generated article above about Bonnie Hammer, we see once again the whimsical wishful thinking of stealth marketing colliding with what Bonnie Hammer has actually done as an erroneously hired television programmer. The 3 million people she talks about doesn't know who she is, and they are unaware of her "cough" television programs because they have never watched them. This after her decade stint at the Sci-Fi Channel and her present gig at USA. Yes, her more than likely educational background in economics and marketing has served her well in the profession of programming cable networks.

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