Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Incompetence of Glen A. Larson and Bryan Singer is Proven With The Absence of a Galactica Film This Summer


I wouldn't hire (or trust) Glen A. Larson and Bryan Singer to develop my rolls of film at a "Foto-Mat"....if such conveniences even exist anymore.

Glen A. Larson and Bryan Singer have proven themselves to be the dunderheads and incompetent buffoons of the film industry...much the same way Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann have created similar reputations for themselves within the ever disintegrating GOP.

Yes, Glen A. Larson and Bryan Singer chose the film profession as a career, but I challenge anyone to try and figure out how the hell they got there. They sure as hell didn't get there from any pre-existing work ethic, that's for damn sure. Bryan Singer pretty much fucks up everything he touches (Superman Returns) and Glen A. Larson suffers from the rare ailment of not being able to get any sort of film project off the ground, even if the film is nothing more than an instructional blurb always running at the beginning of a movie at your local cineplex, telling you how to dispose of your soft drinks and boxes of "Milk Duds."

Even if one were to give Glen A. Larson and Bryan Singer the benefit of the doubt, and state on their behalf that the Galactica movie is merely a year late, and won't be coming out until summer 2012....we would still be seeing professional photos of cast members in full wardrobe by now, in the middle of principal photography. Just as last summer, when we saw photos of Chris Evans as Captain America, and Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern......gearing up for a summer 2011 release of their films.

Film industry economists can look at it from as many different angles as they so choose, but the fact remains, that Universal Studios does not want to make any money off of the "Battlestar Galactica" copyright. Whether it be them continuing to not make a theatrical film of the potential franchise, or them flushing the copyright down the toilet where the SyFy Channel fished it out (still covered in wet crap) and handed it over to the stellar incompetence of Ronald D. Moore and David Eick.

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