Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is The SyFy Channel's Only Audience...Elitist, Wealthy Snobs?

Imagine if you will...a cable network that only programs for its elitist...wealthy friends. And the elitist community overall. You would have a cable network with an extremely miniscule viewership (which is what the NBC-Universal Sci-Fi Channel [SyFy] has suffered from for ages.)

I'm going to turn the tables on these elitist wealthy snobs who solely make up the audience of the SyFy Channel...and I'm going to look down on them, and the executive idiots at the SyFy Channel who only program for them.

It finally dawned on me today that the ailments of zero imagination and lacking inspired thinking only afflict the rich....the elite....the snobs. Imagination and inspired thinking requires thinking. Elite snobs don't need to think for themselves because their money thinks for them. I am breaking open a reality that society has completely kept hidden.

Blue collar people possess all of the imagination and inspired thinking in our society...whereas the elitist snobs don't.

Who is the SyFy Channel really talking about when they repeatedly reiterate the desire to remove "Geeks" from their viewership? They're talking about Blue Collar People.

It's a form of Republican Elitism....isn't it? Republicans only do favors for their "elitist wealthy friends." The SyFy Channel is no different. The SyFy Channel is the FOX News Network of commercial broadcast cable. Pandering only to the whims of its miniscule elitist viewership.

And all of you wondered why all of the programming on the SyFy Channel has no imagination and no inspired thinking whatsoever? It's a network by wealthy snobs....for wealthy snobs. Carrying the barren landscape of zero imagination and zero inspired thinking along with it.

Wealthy people don't like imagination and inspired thinking....because it requires them to "think." And as I touched upon earlier...wealthy people delegate all of the thinking in their their money.

Thus....on the SyFy Channel....we have had Ronald D. Moore's crappy ass versions of "Battlestar Galactica" where characters are walking around in three piece business suits, despite the fact that all of Ronald D. Moore's series were supposed to be taking place thousands of light years from Earth.

That was a wardrobe decision requiring no imagination and zero inspired thinking.

The SyFy Channel is programming for brain dead elitists. And the SyFy Channel is being run by brain dead elitists.

You hurry up now...SyFy Channel!! You hurry up and get all of the BLUE COLLAR workers ("GEEKS") out of your viewership!! It just might screw up your agenda of pandering to your brain dead ELITIST FRIENDS!!....Your miniscule demographic!!

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