Friday, June 17, 2011

The Riots in Vancouver Didn't Interrupt The SyFy Channel's Filming of Their Rotten Movies and TV Shows, Did it?

I would hate to think that filming had to be halted on "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" (right in the middle of baking "Marcel's Cream Puff Surprise") because beautiful downtown Vancouver went to hell and a hen basket in record time. Hopefully...and I mean....hopefully!!.....the low budget SyFy Channel soundstages were and are situated far away from where the riots took place!! It would be a terrible shame if the filming of "WWF Wrestling"...or "Fact or Faked?".....or "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen"....or the latest weekly monster movie from the SyFy Channel had to go on "Principal Photography Hiatus" because a certain couple were making love in the middle of the street while rampaging and looting were going on all around them.

My deep concern of for the "Blue Collar Teamsters" who film all of the SyFy Channel's crap. And I'm financially concerned for their families as well. I want the financial prosperity of these people to continue uninterrupted. Financial prosperity created for them by the SyFy Channel when Bonnie Hammer discovered that all of her rotten ideas for television series and movies could be filmed in Vancouver at a fraction of the cost of filming in California.

We need the SyFy Channel's "Cerebral Illiteracy" in television programming to continue!! Not rain....not sleet...not flash floods....not riots in the street....should ever interrupt the filming of the SyFy Channel's horrific schedule of stupid programming ideas!! This embarrassing footnote in embarrassing television history should proceed uninterrupted so that future media historians can look back on the work of Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern.....and make fun of them because of it.

I tip my hat to all of the law enforcement personnel in Vancouver who successfully neutralized this horrific manifestation of violence....with one of the fringe benefits being....the SyFy Channel can resume its underwhelming production activities in Vancouver (if they were interrupted)...and continue bringing us all of the television shows and movies we never asked for....and don't want to see. Not even broadcast on snowy UHF stations during a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Let's take inventory of Vancouver now. Everybody is dusted off. Good!! Good!! Everybody needs to get back to work (if they had to stop) in order to prevent the SyFy Channel's broadcast signal from being snowy static.

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