Friday, June 3, 2011

If You Rely On "Psychographic" Data...You End Up With a Shitty Schedule On The SyFy Channel

The SyFy Channel needs to start thinking outside of the box (for them.) In other words, they need to start running the channel in the manner it is supposed to be run. How about extending an open door policy to all of the genuinely talented television producers in the industry, and having them come in to pitch legitimate ideas for television series? Because I gotta tell ya'....the SyFy Channel is going to continue not getting anywhere in life if they entertain the notion of relying on "Psychographic Data" from teenage boys playing video games in order to come up with ideas for television series.

The SyFy Channel isn't a cable's a census's a demographic think's a statistic's an amateur practitioner of pop psychology on teenage boys playing video games
in order to figure out what crap to put on the air next. When is the SyFy Channel eventually going to get around to putting legitimate television series on the air via having legitimate ideas pitched to them from industry professionals....instead of packaging the end results of ceaseless marketing research...and having the nerve to call these end results......television programs?

"Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" is not a television program. "WWF Wrestling" is not a television program. The SyFy Channel's weekly monster movies are not television programs. They're all the end results of mountains of gathered statistical and demographic data. Is it any wonder why the SyFy Channel (and Sci-Fi Channel as managed by Bonnie Hammer) has been as bland...boring...uninspired....and hollow as it has?

The ceaseless marketing data the SyFy Channel continues to collect would be great for stocking store shelves, for installing a new menu item at McDonalds, for determining what is the favorite vacation spot among seniors. When you try to apply this marketing data however, to programming a cable network such as SyFy end up with gibberish on the air poorly disguised as television programs. The SyFy Channel needs to get out of the professions of marketing research.....pop psychology.....and demographic gathering so they can begin functioning in the profession they are supposed to be in....putting legitimate television programs on the air.

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