Saturday, June 11, 2011

No Doubt Due to Budgetary Constraints, SyFy Channel is Keeping All of the Former "GINO" Cast Members In-House and On Call

SyFy Channel always having been the "rinky-dink" operation it was destined to be as embarrassingly managed by NBC-Universal, never did have alot of options when rummaging through the acting pool of potential actors to star in their in-house produced horror movies or television series. If the question ever pops into your head..."Whatever happened to all of the former 'GINO' cast members?"...Have no fear, because they never left the SyFy Channel. Whether the lot of them are physically working or not, they remain at the SyFy Channel on an "on call" basis.

Think of a bunch of firefighters hanging out at the firestation during the day or night. Though they're not physically working (putting out fires)...they're ready to jump to their feet once the "alarm" goes off. It's the same thing with all of the former "GINO" cast member - (Michael Hogan, Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber etc.)....They're all within re-hiring reach of the SyFy Channel if that alarm goes off (the SyFy Channel needs bodies for their new low budget movie or television series) and they are needed to instantaneously respond. And all of the former cast members are always unemployed until the next SyFy Channel production comes up.

The former "GINO" cast members are great, aren't they? They're affordable for the SyFy Channel, they're always available, and they spare the SyFy Channel the embarrassment of wanting "A-List Quality Actors" for their productions yet can't afford them.

Take the SyFy Channel's latest schlock horror movie to be broadcast tonight...."Ice Road Terror." A movie about truckers being terrorized by a dinosaur. The SyFy Channel needed a body....any star in this thing. Sure enough, SyFy Channel went to its pool of ever available...former "GINO" cast members...and plucked Michael Hogan to star in this thing. The rest of the former "GINO" cast members will be lounging in the firehouse waiting for Michael Hogan to return.

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