Friday, November 29, 2013

Corporate America = SyFy Channel = Junk

Corporate America has wrecked everything it has ever touched. Turning the once creative music industry once dominated by the creative songwriting supremacy of such groups as the "Beatles" into the "Board Room guided, imagination deficient, Techno-Saturated bottom line Crap-Trap of Justin Bieber."

Corporate America's most disgusting claim to shame has been turning the once great Sci-Fi Channel of the 1990s (with actual Science Fiction programming around the clock) into a fragmented, incoherent, John Doe-esque Cable Network without any sort of discernible, on-air identity. I point to "Exhibit A" above. Heavily choreographed and scripted "Junk TV" (Wrestling) on the SyFy Channel. After watching wrestling on the SyFy about a little "Haunted Highway" after that? After "Haunted Highway" about a "Sharknado" rerun?

I have seen more than enough of this strange, Board Room guided cable channel (SyFy) conceived in the rear end of Corporate America.


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