Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Do You Get When You Mix John Carpenter's "The Thing" With "Leviathan" and "Deep Star Six?" You Get Ronald D. Moore's "Helix"

The "Center For Disease Control" in "Helix" would try and reach the crew of the "Deep Star Six" if they could scuba dive underwater, wouldn't they?

The "Center For Disease Control" in "Helix" would try and reach the crew of the "Leviathan" if they could scuba dive underwater, wouldn't they?

"He slimed me!!" Some poor slob in "Helix / The Thing / Deep Star Six / Leviathan" was murdered by an extraterrestrial - demonic creature / virus / parasite!! Because if you are one of those nasty buggars, that is just what you do!! Sort of like the scorpion hitching a ride on the tummy of a turtle across the lake!! Thankfully, the "Centers For Disease Control" were able to reach this guy....BUT THEY WERE TOO LATE!!


As Maxwell Smart would say..."It's the old... people in protective gear housed in an isolated environment terrorized by something that will make their bodies bloody....trick!!"


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