Sunday, November 3, 2013

How Convenient That The Ambiguous, "John Doe" Cable Network Known as "SyFy Channel" Has So Many Programming Options to Choose From!!

I strongly suspect that one of the reasons for NBC-Universal changing the name of the "Sci-Fi Channel" to "SyFy Channel" was and is programming laziness. These people are extraordinarily and phenomenally lazy. It was an act of laziness and massive convenience to turn the "Sci-Fi Channel" into an ambiguous and "John Doe-esque" cable network. This name change removed any programming disciplines and adherence to any particular subject matter that might weigh down NBC-Universal in their laughable ownership and mismanagement of this channel. In short..."Corporate Laziness" is what the "SyFy Channel" moniker represents. Just imagine what NBC-Universal would do to public television. "SyFy Channel" isn't a legitimate cable network. It's a "Smorgasbord Dumping Ground" for every spur of the moment and hodgepodged crappy programming idea NBC-Universal can dump on to this sad sack little cable network.

The "Adjustment Bureau" one night....wrestling the next night.... a crappy shark movie the next night ("Sharknado")....the SyFy Channel proudly and blatantly wears its "Badge of Honor" of not being a legitimate cable network by any known definition, and always goes for broke in showcasing just how much further its laziness can be displayed as a non-legitimate cable network devoid of any discernible on-air identity....with ambiguous programming such as..."The Adjustment Bureau." Talk about corporate laziness!!


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