Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Is John Carpenter Going to Get a Screen Credit For The SyFy Channel's "Helix?"


You know the SyFy Channel is in trouble when their most highly touted new series in a long time is nothing more than a rip-off of John Carpenter's "The Thing" movie from 1982.


A screen credit, right? Screen credit!!

Something along the lines of....

"Research facility set in an arctic environment with lots of slime and goo concepts created by John Carpenter."

After all, "Helix" is heavily inspired by....and I mean HEAVILY INSPIRED BY....

John Carpenter's "The Thing" movie from 1982.

Of course, the SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore  wouldn't keep having these copyright ownership issues with other peoples work if they would just come up with a God damn original idea for a change.

Look, no one wants to see "Helix" because (1) it is a stolen idea, and (2) Ronald D. Moore could never do anything better than John Carpenter in any realm of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

This unfortunate and proven unprofitable habit of Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel needs to stop, really. Stealing the ideas of other people for their projects...and then claiming they are the original authors of the idea!!


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