Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Isn't Ronald D. Moore Successful at What He Does? Not Being Talented at What He Does is The Core of The Problem

Yes, the truth will spread alright. About Ronald D. Moore still not being talented. About Ronald D. Moore still being incapable of original and inspired thinking. "Helix" didn't need to be made because the concept of scientists isolated in an arctic environment while being terrorized by something that will turn human bodies into slime and goo was already done brilliantly by John Carpenter in his "Thing" movie from 1982.

In all honesty, would any television programmer in his or her right mind green light a project as monumentally mundane, boring, and uninspired as this? "Virtuality" could have been your average standalone episode (or arc) of....."Babylon 5"...."Farscape"....."Star Trek"....or "Space: Above and Beyond." All you would have to do is switch the humans with humanoid aliens encountering the protagonists in any of the above series. Not worth a series commitment to say the least. The pilot shouldn't even have been made for eventual and inevitable rejection.

A "Harry Potter" for adults? Why? A good chunk of the "Harry Potter" movies fanbase are adults. Why would they take a leave from the movies to watch "Harry Potter rejects" in a police station? This bad idea misfired on the drawing board. Oh, look!! It also would have used the exact same "dime store cast members" from "GINO" - (Galactica in Name Only.) This project had "failure" written all over it already!! Additionally, since this series would have taken place in the "Harry Potter" universe, wouldn't it have been more interesting to cast children or adolescents in the roles of the police officers? Perhaps their voices dubbed over with adult voices to give the kids an "eerie" feel? Their arch enemies could have been...."The Children of The Damned?" Oh, that's right!! Something like that would have required imagination!! Not up Ronald D. Moore's alley!!

Why? Why in God's name would anyone in their right mind even entertain the notion of remaking "The Wild, Wild West?" It was already Robert Conrad, Ross Martin, and the rest of the cast and crew of this brilliant 1960s television series. Why do it again? So that Ronald D. Moore could have something to attach his name to he could claim sole credit of until someone (the legal owners) catches up to him? Moore really got out of his league this time with this remake attempt that never became reality (Thank God.) One of the reasons why "Wild, Wild West" was so brilliantly produced and written was that it came out of that entire era of extremely imaginative and inspired thinking in television programming - "The 1960s." An era that could never and will never be duplicated ever again because the idiots working in television today (Ronald D. Moore included) have absolutely no professional background whatsoever in the theater, the arts, and the inspired thinking that instinctively goes along with having such a background. Ronald D. Moore and his "Couch Potato Peers" inexplicably still working in television today can only utter...."What can we try to rip-off now in an inferior remake?"

If this thing had made it to a 13 episode series (a miracle for Ronald D. Moore)...and eventually wound up on DVD sitting right next to the classic Robert Conrad series on DVD SHELVES...which "Wild, Wild West" would you have chosen? Ronald D. Moore's schlock fest or the classic, brilliant series?


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