Saturday, November 2, 2013

Is It Time to Put The "X-Men" Movies Out to Pasture For Good?

Oh look!! The "X-Men" movies have also hired the SyFy Channel's "Salvation Army Wardrobe Gatherer!!"

At a time when the "X-Men" movies have "way too many sequels already"...There is "X-Men: Days of Future Past" coming out next summer. Obviously, the executives at 20th Century Fox don't know when to quit and haven't been told when to quit.

The problems with the "X-Men" movies go way beyond merely being stuffed to the seams with way too many "X-Men" characters...There is a creative and inspirational lethargy plaguing the "X-Men" movies that was evident all the way back in "X-Men 1" in 2000, and is becoming more and more evident with each green lit sequel.

1. None of the "X-Men" characters have been terribly interesting in the slightest.

2. Each movie has been nothing but an over produced episode of "Mutant X."

3. How convenient for the demographic and marketing people of these movies that 99.9% of the mutants in these movies are teenagers. No elderly mutants anywhere or "MILF Mutants?"

4. The "X-Men" movies have always had the same problems with wardrobe that the SyFy Channel has always had with wardrobe in all of their productions. "Salvation Army" rags slapped together on the "X-Men" characters. If Bryan Singer had a problem with accurate spandex reproductions of the "X-Men" uniforms circa the 1974 comic books for example, he had no business directing the "X-Men" movies in the first place.

5. Was it really necessary to link the "X-Men" characters in these movies to holocaust survivors? Whose ad-lib was that? Trying not to look at the name on the director's chair (X1, X2.)

6. The "X-Men" movies are trying to compete with much better produced and written superhero movies nowadays. "Avengers"..."Iron Man"...."Thor"....."Dark Knight."

My prediction for "X-Men: Days of Future Past?" An unremarkable box office performance and a quick to DVD release.


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