Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oh Goody!! Another Season of a Low Budget, Low Rated "Ghost Reality Show" Showcasing Absolutely Nothing Ever Happening On Camera!!

Yes, another season of "Haunted Highway" is back!! Another season of wasted video camera footage of absolutely nothing ever happening on camera of a paranormal nature. Another season of the grim faced stars of this show interviewing locals with grim expressions on their faces, preceding absolutely nothing ever happening on camera of a paranormal nature. Another season of infrared / heat sensitive video footage of coyotes mating with one another in the badlands at midnight, and the wind tipping over mounted cameras. Another season of the cast members freaking out and running through sage brush, shrubbery, and forest preserves because the cast members are afraid of their own shadows, and freaking out & screaming is the usual professional decorum one takes when trying not to attract attention to one's self when investigating a predominantly haunted area of the United States, and not wanting to attract the paranormal spooks to you. And another season of the cast members of this show assembling at the end of every episode and uttering the immortal classic line of dialogue....

"Ummm.....We didn't find anything."


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