Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some Hardly Surprising Predictions For NBC-Universal, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer in 2014


1. The "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series will never get released on Blu-Ray because Universal Studios allowed the original negatives of every episode to deteriorate too much (on purpose) due to inadequate air tight storage and intentional exposure to harmful temperatures. Of course, Universal Studios will never say anything, you will just never see the Blu-Ray release. "Mum's the word while quietly destroying art" has always been Universal Studios motto. Television heritage meaning nothing to Universal Studios.

2. "X-Men: Days of Future Past" will not be the smash hit 20th Century Fox is hoping for. Instead, it will only do marginally well like every other "X-Men" movie has ever done. It will also not cause Bryan Singer's career to rejuvenate and propel into the stratosphere if in fact Singer really did direct it. After its release, Singer will still be bouncing around from releasing his ever reliable fake press releases, to doing occasional television work, to being a guest judge on the endless parade of SyFy Channel's stupid programming, to directing "Magnum Gold" ice cream commercials.

3. "Helix" will not be the smash hit the SyFy Channel is hoping for. Ratings for the pilot will be strong (by the SyFy Channel's laughable standards) with steady declines week after week. SyFy Channel will stick with "Helix" however, just as they always instinctively cling to every flop they have on their hands out of self-denial. "Helix" will be renewed for a second season, because everyone else's always the SyFy Channel's gold.

4. Both Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer will not experience a career rejuvenation of any sort in 2014 or any year beyond that because both of them will remain supremely untalented.

5. The SyFy Channel will change its name once again in 2014 to "Seigh Feigh." Motto: "We're really about nothing now!! Just ask Jerry Seinfeld!!"

6. Universal Studios will have another Science Fiction based box office flop in 2014 of the same magnitude as "R.I.P.D." Even worse!!

7. After "X-Men: Days of Future Past" is released and Bryan Singer realizes the world hasn't fallen in love with him because of it (if he really did direct it), his next fake press release after that will be a reboot of the 1979 NBC-TV mini-series "The Martian Chronicles" originally starring Rock Hudson.

8. Jesse Ventura will discover that "Bad Hat Harry Productions" is not an actual production company, but rather just a cartoon logo at the beginning of every Bryan Singer movie.

9. Jesse Ventura will also discover (what everyone already knows) that Ronald D. Moore has never had a successful solo career as a producer / scriptwriter since leaving "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as an underwhelming staff writer.

10. Finally, Universal Studios and Bryan Singer will resume their fake "Battlestar Galactica" press releases at some point in 2014.


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