Monday, November 11, 2013

Ronald D. Moore and The SyFy Channel Have Mutated Into Another "Hallmark Channel of Irritating Television Programming"

You know those really irritating little Christmas movies the "Hallmark Channel" cranks out every year? In every damn one of these movies, there's really irritating background music playing all of the time throughout the movie, accompanied by two dimensional characters you don't give two shits about, suffering from problems you don't give a damn about. It's supposed to be Christmas (a happy time) yet the "Hallmark Channel" is ramming "Bi-Polar Induced Sorrow" down our throats with Christmas trees, snow, and eggnog in the background. Call the "Suicide Hotline" (if you're na├»ve enough to fall for their sappy, two dimensional crap) after watching a "Hallmark Channel" Christmas movie.

The "Hallmark Channel" isn't terribly successful in making these movies. The movies aren't even that good. But they keep making these damn little movies because the "Hallmark Channel" has found a convenient little rut for themselves to exist the vast television landscape...where they manage to squeak by relatively unnoticed making television programming no one gives two shits about.

This brings me to the SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore. They both suck big time at making anything remotely having to with Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy. Quite frankly, their embarrassing body of work is just as crappy and as irritating to watch as the "Hallmark Channel's." But SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore have managed to achieve what the "Hallmark Channel" has also achieved. Making an unremarkable foxhole and rut for themselves to exist in...within the television industry. Continuing to crank out unremarkable and extremely irritating television programming (always below the radar of vast, mass market audiences)  no one gives two shits about, or cares to dwell on.

People who suck at what they do have to exist somewhere on this Earth I suppose. The "Hallmark Channel" and "The SyFy Channel" have certainly been havens for the "Criminally Untalented" in this regard. The problem with the television industry is that no one tells people they suck when they do suck. So, the "Criminally Untalented Blowhards" who work for the "Hallmark Channel" and the "SyFy Channel" keep showing up for work everyday continuing to make boring and irritating shit that no one wants to see.


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