Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's The Unthinkable Nightmare Scenario: What if Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer Ever Teamed Up For a Project?

Both Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer aren't doing well at all lately in the Science Fiction / Fantasy departments. Quite frankly they have never done well at all!! Will the unthinkable ever happen? Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer joining forces due to the two of them reaching the bottom of the barrel professionally?

If they ever do, I would suggest a remake of "Baywatch Nights!!" It was a television series that just never got a chance. It had everything in the world going for it!! Monsters....the beach....David Hasselhoff shirtless....Something like this would be right up the schlocky alley of Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer!! They could make it dark, gritty, and boring as hell like they usually make everything else they do!! I'll even wager that the two of them could make "Baywatch Nights" even worse than the original!!


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